Ath choinneamh / Next meeting

Di-sathairne an seachdamh latha d’en Sultain 2019, 7f

‘Bha e caillte agus fhuaireadh e: sgeulachd ciad leabhair-gnothaichean ar Comainn’

le Chris Hood

Saturday 7th September 2019, 7 pm

‘Lost and Found: The Story of Our Society’s First Minute Book’

by Chris Hood (member)

Lost for more than 100 years, the GSL’s first minute book turned up again last year. This event will celebrate the rediscovery of this unique and precious document and give members a chance to find out something about it.

Come and

  • join in some songs that were known to the GSL’s first members (led by some members of the London Gaelic choir)
  • learn about some of the people who belonged to the GSL in its early years and what they did in and outside their weekly meetings in a coffee house near what is now Trafalgar Square
  • party like it’s 1830…only joking